Stay safe, Kitten! – The new SFK project

Dear felines, Masters, Owners, Caregivers and friends of our community,

the day has finally come!
After a lot of thought and preparation, the SFK (Safe for Kittens) badge for shops and crafters of our precious hits the world wide web to show itself in all its glory.

This badge will finally give us all a clear sign on how safe the gear of a shop is. Which also means: A lot of worries before trying out a new shop can be eased with only watching for one simple sign.

Of course, a shop is not necessarily bad if it is not verified yet. So if you see one, or know one, just tell them about the verification and help us making the activity we all love and care about more accessible for everyone!

More information on the emblem can be found on our new SFK Instructions site.

Stay safe, kittens!