meaning of kitten play

Meaning of Kitten play

Kitten play can mean a lot of different things, so we asked kittens what kitten play means to them.

Kitten play to me is a stress relief. I see myself more as a cat-girl or neko-girl than an actual cat as even in kittenspace I maintain my ability to speak. Being a neko-girl makes me feel cute and childish and allows me to forget the more complex problems of life. I wear kittengear to help me get into the right headspace but also as a fashion statement.

Kitten play is a lifestyle for me. It has become a huge part of who I am. Being in the online community has helped me learn to love and accept myself as well as be happy for the lifestyle I have chosen. Kitten play has helped me so much. When I’m upset or anxious, I’ll go into kittenspace and play with my master to escape the harsh realities of life sometimes. Kitten play isn’t just a kink for me, it has assimilated into my life and made me truly feel comfortable with who I am. Being in a BDSM relationship has made me feel safe and protected, and I’m so thankful to have my dom.

It’s helped me so much with my anxiety and it makes me me

It’s expressing one of the most innermost parts of your personality and having the freedom to let go of norms and expectations to enjoy playing as a kitten.

It means I can let go of adult shit and just be happy and cute

Kitten play, to me, means safety. It means putting my security, trust, and wellbeing in another person’s hands, who is completely deserving of that responsibility and does not take advantage of it. Kitten play means shelter, in the way that it allows me to step outside of myself and my own head to relax in a way that human issues are not relevant for a while.

A lot. It means comfort, happiness and the best type of relationship there is.

Personally, kitten play means a lot to me. Before I actually discovered pet play in general, I always knew I had a tendency to feel like a pet, a submissive wanting the gentle and soft side of being cared for and being dependent on someone I trust and love. Kitten play has been a huge part of my life with my owner and we practice it daily. It’s something we created just for us, I may wear kitten gear such as ears or my collars out in public whilst holding his hand, but that’s for our own comfort, enjoyment, and our way of saying “I belong to Daddy and no one else.”

It means the world to me it is a huge part of my life and it’s a part of me.

Escaping reality and enjoying myself with the person I love.

It’s a way for me to relax and I enjoy it. It’s a bit of a lifestyle for me and I feel comfortable when in kitten space.

It’s my lifestyle, it’s a sort of escape from everyday life for me and it helps me grow as a person

As a kitten, I have the responsibility to serve my master to the best of my ability. My job is to ensure his happiness and that his needs are met, as well as my own. I also must be loyal.

Personally, kitten play has impacted my life greatly. It allows for an outlet of my stress and to give me a place to be myself. I don’t participate in the lifestyle 24/7, so it isn’t an entire part of who I am, but I hold it close to my heart.

A bond between two people that’s backed by an immense amount of trust and love. Handing ones life over to someone who is trustworthy and responsible, gentle and loving.

Kitten Play means to me that I can escape into the head space of a kitten and feel safe and loved. It helps me deal with the stress of the world and helps with my depression. Kitten play is such a huge part of my life and I’m so glad to have found the community.

Kitten play means everything to me. It gave me back my confidence that I lose years ago. It also helped me to realise that I deserve a good, caring relationship where my needs are considered as important as my partners. It taught me to love my body, my brain and my quirks.

Kitten play to me is my means of escape… it’s my release. It completes my personality

It’s a headspace where I can feel free. I don’t feel weird in kittenspace.

Kitten play means escaping from worries or responsibility. It means everything will be OK, because in that moment I am not thinking about things that need to be done or things that are going on in my life. I am thinking like a cat; I am playing, pouncing, eating, rubbing on things just like a kitten would.

FUN. New world. Feeling prettier, sexier, more loving.

Kitten play is a way for me to release my worries and stress, and get in touch with my kitten side. It’s a way to be vulnerable and feel safe and protected, all while using cute gear to foster that connection. I also love infusing my kitten play into other aspects of BDSM, such as service.