What is Kitten Training?

The goal of our community based kitten training is to educate kittens (and their masters) and hand them a set of rules and guidelines for their kitten play.

We also want to see our kittens grow and share their experiences with the other kittens. Furthermore we want to prepare our kittens to go to kittenspace with ease.

Kittenspace is a place where a kitten can feel the closest to their inner kitten. But achieving that headspace is often very difficult with the constant responsibilities and stresses of the human world. Forcing oneself into kittenspace can be very hard. Sometimes playing with a ball of yarn just doesn’t work when you’ve had an upsetting day.

The best way to activate the kittenspace is by creating a trigger. For a kitten this trigger can be the commands and positionings of our kitten training. Our courses help you to practice these commands and establish them as a normal routine.

Most behaviours can become habit if used often over a long period of time. With practice the learned commands will act as a catalyst to deepen your kitten play experience.

We make training fun for our kittens

We are convinced that kitten training will improve and enrich every kitten play relationship or prepare the stray kitten for an upcoming relationship. Combined with the gamification elements and the determined goals you can follow your progress as a kitten.

Our kittens should see their training as a fun and exciting activity, rather than a chore. This means we base it around games, treats and fuss – that’s why we call it reward based training.

We are very pleased to see that you are interested in improving your kitten play experience and in participating in our kitten training courses!

Please have a look around and get to know a little more about our kitten trainings our team will be happy to support you in your journey!


A huge majority of kittens we asked about kitten training in our recent survey are loving kitten training or are interested in trying it.

This is your chance to try kitten training in a save environment and share your progress and results with a likeminded community!

Become the best version of yourself!

Do you want to improve your kitten play experience and grow as a kitten? Start with the basic training now!