Getting Started

Welcome to one of the biggest Kitten play communites! We are glad to have you here! 🙂

First steps

1) Complete your profile

Your profile on is how you communicate who you are and how experienced you are as a kitten. Rather than a typical social networking profile, your Kitten Play profile focuses on your kitten play experience.

The more information you share on your profile, the better your Kitten Play experience will be. For example, adding your interests will allow the Kitten Play Team to provide more specific recommendations as well as allowing other kittens to get a sense of what you’re about.

As you grow as a kitten within our community you will be able to unlock status levels and other achievements. These will be shown as badges in your profile as well.

2) Introduce yourself

Our website offers an activity stream: The activity streams provides a quick digest of the recent activity going on within our community or with regard to a particular user. Please post a short introduction update!

3) Check out our groups

Please check out our groups. If you like you can join one of the open groups.
(For example the FAQs group if you have questions or need help). Please be aware that some of the groups require a specific kitten status level.

4) Become one of our kittens

If you want to actively participate as one of our kittens you are invited to verify yourself and unlock the kitten specific content of this site!

Only as a verified kitten you will have access to our kitten trainings and additional Tutorials, Quizzes and Guides.

After your succesful verification you will get instant access to your first training content.

Additional Information

Check out our basic kitten play content and learn more about kitten play: