SFK – The “Safe for Kittens” Project

As safety is always a big thing within BDSM and also a basic human need, we from www.kitten-play.com established a new and easy way to help new Kittens, advanced Kittens, Masters, Owners and Caregivers of all sorts with one big Question: “Is this gear safe?”

There have been as much issues and unhappy customers, as there are shops and crafters out there in the world wide web. Being unsure as to how safe the gear you have laid your eyes upon can thus be really taxing.

Together with us, www.kitten-play.com, a growing number of shops wants to give some reassurance and safety back to you by verifying their goods as SFK. But what actually means “verified as SFK”?

Shops that don our verification logo have made sure that they keep a keen eye on the following points and their gear has been tested in those categories:

• High Quality Handcrafting
Especially: No open seams, clean airbrushing – no matter if they are realistic or non-realistic types.

• Cruelty free production
Especially: No real fur for examples, no animals were hurt in the creation of the products or parts of it.

• Play-safe builds
Especially: No sharp edges, ears are attached by strong seams or rounded wires to clips or headbands, tails come with loops or bands and no (or at least detachable) pins, plugs are safe/good quality and won’t rip apart, wired tails don’t have wires sticking out.

• Colorfastness
Especially: Colorized items don’t color clothes or skin whilst wearing or loose colored particles during play.

• Safety Instructions
Especially: The Shop delivers instructions with your items, like how to take proper care of your gear or instructions on the site and in the package, on how tug-proof collars, tails and/or plugs are.

Since we know, not every Kitten likes it the hard way, we do not require the items to be massively tug-proof for the usual verification. However, the Shop has to inform their customers about whether or not the items are tug-proof and which conditions can be applied for long lasting fun with their gear.

“Safe for Kittens” are items specifically designed to make sure, you or your precious feline don’t hurt themselves while playing or wearing the gear from these shops.

You might encounter the safety-sign in different variations fitting the individual designs of verified shops. These shown variations are so far valid adaptions of our sign:

Verified shops are also allowed to register shop accounts on www.kitten-play.com and will their profiles be verified. Only verified shop accounts get this verification badge within our community:

Right now, these shops have been officially verified and proudly present their verification as strong supporters in play safe gear:

• Pawsy Socks | insta.com/pawsysocks
Sold types of gear: Nylon socks with personalized paw prints
Price Range: €€

• Bats Boutique | www.batsboutique.com
Sold types of gear: Realistic Ears, Tails, printed shirts, customs
Price Range: €€

You are a shop owner and want to work together with us to generate a safe and secure play environment all around the globe? Then be our guest, send your application to sfk@kitten-play.com and we’ll be glad to work things out with you!

You’re a happy client of probably the best shop out there and want to recommend it for verification? Then inform us and the shop owner about your idea and we’d be also glad to work with you to get your favorites verified!

Please note, that during the process, parts of the gear in question needs to be received or tested personally. Depending on that, verification times may vary from shop to shop.