Kitten play guidelines, tutorials, gear and more…

We at kitten-play.com are aiming to provide information and guidelines to those who want to know more about kittenplay, petplay and its lifestyle.

Gamification of Kitten play

Furthermore we provide a gamification of kittenplay in a safe environment for our kittens, which can be beneficial for kittens in relationships and strays to get into kittenspace more often and more easily.

Our reward system helps you to keep track of your progress as a growing kitten. Soon you will be able to achieve the highest levels of kittenplay!

Multiple Facettes of Kitten Play

We address the various influences of Kitten Play, which make it so special.

KittenPlay Cosplay Fashion

Our articles cover various Kitten play topics: (Accessoires, Clothing, Lifestyle)

Be safe and have fun

Obviously the major rules in petplay are: Be safe and have fun. Our kitten trainings are only suggestions and meant as a guideline to live out your inner kitten or improve your kittenplay experience. At the end of the day you are the only on that can say what is right for you.


Our mentors will support you along your journey!

Share your experiences

An incredible amount of kittens loves to share their experiences with the community, why not give it a try?