Article structure and content manual

We are always looking for more volunteers and contributors, if you want to write an article, let us know! One of our Team kittens can upload it on your behalf. Your article must follow what is set out in this manual and be logged in into the website to see and use the submission form below. Anonymous articles are not allowed. Anyone who has an account is eligible to submit articles for consideration.

Article Structure

Best size of an article is when its long enough to read in 5-10 minutes. We aren’t strict on exact word count. Simple paragraph structures are recommended and your more than welcome to add bullet points and lists.

What Topics are we looking for?

Were looking for articles to help inspire the community and to motivate them. There are still many topics untouched and we are always looking for guides and strategies to help new kittens and even teach a thing or two to the more experienced ones.

Write Kitten play articles

We aren’t here to give all the answers, it is best not to make concrete facts unless you have some form of evidence to back it up.

We are also looking for Kitten Fashion advice and cute/sexy kitten outfits. If you have a Kitten oufit you really like, feel free to share it and describe why you chose this specific combination of Kitten Gear items and/or colors.

What themes are we avoiding?

Articles of personal opinions are avoided, this isn’t the site for it. Opinion articles are not for singular personal opinions, try to get as many opinions on a topic as possible to help show the diversity in the community.

Try your best to be as specific as possible if you are sharing your opinions.

If you are writing an article to counter a published article from another author, try your best to be constructive, share ideas that haven’t been shared.

Blacklisted Topics

We do not allow topics about illegal activities and topics that promote unsafe practices.

Accusations, Defamations and Shaming

We do not allow anyone publishing content to have in their articles any form of accusation, defamation & shaming towards any persons or groups.

Article Contributors

If anyone has helped you write an article, they should be mentioned in the article. Please don’t place it at the start as it interferes with article previews.

Submission Form

This contact form is available only for logged in users.

So what happens after I submit an article?

  1. Submissions are put through an editorial review for seeing if they follow this manual
  2. Articles are then edited for any corrections needed for grammar/spelling
  3. Final review of article to make sure meaning is preserved then is published.

Articles can take a few days to appear on the website. Please be patient.

If you feel that the editorial process has changed the meaning to your article, you are welcome to submit another article. The editorial process has the final say and articles published will not be deleted.