7 Additional Commands

As your dynamic evolves, you will see that often commands between both parties can be initiated not only by the dominant part, but also by the Kitten in question. Commands and their reactions are a non verbal way to communicate. While meowing, purring and head rubbing help you show your dominant counterpart that you want something, you can help him/her also by enacting commands without initial commandment.

These are 7 additional commands, that can be used to train your kitten, or help your partner understand you better within play.

(1) Belly Rub
Similar to paws up, the kitten uses their paws to expose the belly and stretches it out for a good belly rub. Make sure the belly is fully exposed or any fabric on the belly is stretched to a smooth surface to ensure a good rub.

(2) Expose
This is an extension to the “Tail up” command. The kitten now additinally uses one paw to lift up their tail and expose their private parts. This can be used in a lot of ways.

(3) Knead
This is a “paws up” extension. Kneading for a kitten means, that it is using using their paws to knead at whatever their touching in this very moment or can touch without further preparations. That could be their Partner, the bed, pillow, blanket or a stuffie. This command can be used to help a kitten calm down, relax or get their thoughts off of something. It might also be a good ritual before bedtime.

(4) Companion
This is a combined command of “sit pretty” and “paws up” in a location pointed out next to the dominant partner. The kitten will first go to the dedicated right or left side of their Owners legs (either the pointed out side, or the side it’s trained on or the side in reach) and then “sit pretty” with an immediately following “paws up” with the paws either wrapped around the dominant’s leg if standing or resting on the knee if sitting.

(5) Hunt
This is a lower executed version of “crawl”. The kitten positions itself lower to the ground and crawls low and slowly in a hunting mode to catch or fetch the toy the dominant has presented them.

(6) Tail Down
This is the command that indicates that the kitten should stay where it is right now, until it is released via the “come”, “companion” or a similar command. While the command lasts, the kitten usually sits or lies down.

(7) Groom
This command is either a combination of “sit pretty” and “ears down” or an addition to the “companion” command. With their head tilted down, the kitten is in an ideal position to be groomed or pet. The dominant now can grab a brush, or a soft towel to wipe or groom the kitten. This can also be used to change accessories on the kitten or indicate, that a full or partial change of clothing will/should follow.