Kitten Styles #13 – Kitten Stripes

Kitten Fashion Styles – From the community for the community!

Second in our summer styles: Faehe thinks it’s time to play!

“While I am a bit more on the puffy (my Master likes to call it pudgy) or chubby side, I do like to swim and I do like to weak swimsuits or bikinis. Especially colorful ones!

Since everyone looks slimmer under water, it’s also not bothering me as much as it used to, since I’m mostly in the water and use a light shirt to cover up the rest, if I feel uncomfortable. But aside from that, every body is a bikini body and you will see every type of body around if you’re at a beach or poolside. So what should keep you from having fun in the water? Nothing! So hop in and enjoy, because real kittens do whatever feels best for them!”

A wide and light top or scarf can make up a fancy accessory and also cover up some insecurities. Try what looks best at home, go swimming with a few friends and you’ll see, there is nothing to ever be ashamed of. <3

Shot by her talented friend Barbara – more can be found on Schattenfaehes Instagram.

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