Kitten play advice for new kittens

As a result of our survey, we are proud to share advice from more experienced kittens with our new and upcoming kittens:


The six foundations of kitten play

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Educate yourself

It is super important to do a lot of research on the community and what kitten play is before you get into it. Research different terms like, “collaring” and figure out what these terms mean for you. Look for different sources and reflect on what you want. Sources like YouTube, Instagram are great. Take time to learn and don’t be mislead or convinced of something that isn’t true. Always educate yourself and really research the topic before you jump into anything!

Take one step at a time

Do what makes you comfortable and don’t try to rush things. Take it a step at a time, do your research and don’t jump straight into it. Make sure you’re comfortable with the lifestyle and if it’s really for you and not just a “style” or “fashion” type of thing and ease into it. Take your time to fully understand what kitten play is.
Don’t be too strong with it let it take some time! Don’t forget being a kitten, same feeling related to any BDSM role, is a journey. How you act as a kitten can change over time and can be combined with other types of BDSM. So don’t be afraid if you don’t fit into one exact category for the rest of your life.

Be yourself

Dont be pressured into anything you might not want to do and enjoy yourself. Be yourself and don’t do anything you don’t want to do. You also don’t need to do exactly what other kittens do. Explore new things but only with a grain of salt to start. You might find out it’s something that you might not like. Also, just because other people are doing something in the kitten community doesn’t mean you have to too. There are no rules in kitten play. Do what you love! If you want to walk around on hands and knees and hiss at bypassing dogs than go right a head. But if you prefer to sit on a couch with a cup of warm milk in your hands an meow when you see something funny on TV, than that’s fine too.
At least try to be original! You can let other kittens inspire your own style, but you shouldn’t exactly copy other kittens. For example don’t try to make colors look like someone else’s specially made one.

Relax. Accept yourself and have fun!

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself and make sure you are okay in anyway, and don’t forget about after care. Know the difference between abuse and bdsm. Don’t jump into kitten play knowing nothing about it. Check to see if your Dom / Master / Guardian is alright too as they also see if you are alright.
Don’t listen to people’s negativity. be yourself, if it makes you happy, have courage in yourself and be who you want.

Be a proud kitten

Don’t be afraid to be who you are. You need that confidence to show people that kitten play isn’t something to shame and neither are you.
Don’t be afraid to wear your gear or for people to find out your a kitten. You’ll get stares and rude comments but in the long run, your happiness will make you forget every one of those comments.
Kitten play is a very sacred, important community for a lot of people. So, make sure you truly identify with it before claiming it is for you. Don’t claim ur into kitten play just cause other people are. Don’t take this lifestyle lightly, other community members might be offended by it. But also be aware that the community has both good and bad people, ignore hate you receive and listen to those who are kind, they know best. Haters are just trying to bring you down to feel better about themselves.

Chose the right partner

If you’re planning to be a kitten remember you are important. Don’t settle for a substandard Dom who doesn’t show you the caring you need. Make sure to stay safe and give yourself to someone whom you trust, someone who wont treat you poorly, and make sure to practice being safe, sane, and consensual. To be a kitten you don’t need an owner, but if you are curious about the feeling of being owned by someone, really look into what it means to have a master and be a pet and discuss it openly with your partner, if you would like them to try with you. It’s okay to be shy and embarrassed at first! It’s also really good to try new things.