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What is kitten play?

A lot of people ask us, “What is kitten play?” Like many roles within the diverse world of BDSM, kitten play has almost as many expressions as there are people that indulge in it. This is why we conducted a survey on the topic.

“What is kitten play” answered by active kittens

Kitten play is a sub culture of BDSM where one goes into the head space of a kitten, sometimes the kitten player has an owner, master, mistress, care giver, Etc. Kitten play has a ceremony called Collaring its like a wedding but a little bit more complicated, the “owner” and the kitten player both sign a contract that binds them together.


A pet and Master, pet being a submissive person whilst a Master is the dominant person. Both take care of each other emotionally and physically.

To me, kitten play is a subcategory of domination and submission and can incorporate different elements of BDSM depending on the relationship or person participating in kitten play. It involves the desire to be seen as an animal pet or to own an animal pet; it differs from the human pet aspect of D/S because of the need for some people to enter “kitten headspace” or “kittenspace”, which is absent in the normal D/S relationship. It can be seen as a form of roleplay, but to many it is much more than that.

Kitten play is a part of the sub-Dom relationship in the BDSM community. It involves 2 roles, a master (Dom) and a kitten (sub). The master is responsible for taking care of the kitten with a set of rules and punishments that must be enforced for certain kinds of behavior. The kitten is basically a pet, in which their behavior is pet/cat-like. Kittens are meant to be obedient and loyal and serve their masters to the best of their abilities.

In BDSM, the power exchange from the Dom and the sub, the sub taking the role of a pet (in this case, a cat/kitten) and the Dom is the protector, owner, master, etc.

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It’s a way a person feels and identifies with. This person enjoys acting as an animal to an extent and it sometimes help them to relieve stress and it makes them feel good.

a person who behaves like a cat/kitten because it’s what they enjoy :3

A BDSM sub category under pet play. When a dominant takes the role of a Master or any other name they choose. And the submissive takes the role of a pet in which case this is a kitten. The Dom takes care of, trains, loves, disciplines, and may or may not do sexual activities with his or her pet.

A BDSM bond between a dom & sub, played out as “master” or “daddy” as the dom and “kitten” as the sub. Practicing an exchange of power between pet and owner, learning the boundaries of both parties, and creating a dynamic that’s unique and special just for you two. Can be anything extreme from being locked up in a cage and being fed at certain times in an actual pet bowl or even soft like wearing cute ribbon collars as a sign of ownership and being treated like an actual pet kitten, with cuddles and gentle care. It’s a personalised BDSM relationship that isn’t by any means defined as “a true kitten play relationship” by any other person other than the dom & sub. It is what you choose to make it!

the sub being and acting like the Dom’s pet

It’s basically BDSM but the submissive is a kitten and they dress up like a kitten cuz cats are wat they identify with

Kitten play is a subcategory of BDSM, where the Top (typically titled as the owner, Master or Dom) has control over and cares for the bottom who in this case, is titled the pet or kitten. The relationship is based on trust, attention and dependence in the way a pet truly would be with their owner. Though, like any BDSM lifestyle, each definition is completely dependent on its’ practitioners.

A person in the BDSM community who takes on the characteristics of a cat, kitten or big cat for sexual or nonsexual purposes

A sub-type of BDSM based activity centered around taking on the persona of a cat; sometimes with the use of accessories or “kitten gear”. Kitten play can be sexual or non sexual.

A BDSM lifestyle

A BDSM relationship between Dom and sub where the submissive is the kitten.


It is a sub category of BDSM, wherein the sub and/or Dom(me) role play as a kitten.

The act of a sub committing kitten like behaviours, usually with a Master Dom who takes care of them and treats them as a pet.

Finally being able to be myself and having an amazing Dom that accepts and nurtures that side of me. Escape from daily reality where I can just lounge and be cared for.

What is kitten play

Kitten play is a sub category of BDSM when you are a pet to a dom. As the sub/pet you look to your dom to take care of you, love you, and keep you in line. Pet play/BDSM isn’t all about sex.

Kitten play is a form of BDSM where one person takes the characteristics of a pet and the other is their master/owner.

A lifestyle. A lot of people find it taboo, it’s a sub category of BDSM.

A mind space where one acts like any time of cat that they prefer or connect most with. It let’s one escape from reality and live the life of a cat. There are no set rules to kitten play. As long as there is some sort of head space of a cat, it is kitten play.

Letting out your inner kitten. Being yourself. Being playful and without responsibility… freely being who you are or most wish to be with who you love.being taken care of. Loved and cherished.


Entering a headspace that allows you to take on a kitten/cat aspect and letting go of your responsibilities and issues as an adult.

A person who likes to be like a kitten. Kitten play can be two people taking the parts of master/mistress and kitten and interacting. It often has sexual aspects.

A form of pet play, where the emphasis is on power imbalance between the sub (pet) and dom. Kitten play is one of the cuter variations of pet play, involving soft and hardcore elements.

Kitten play is a sub category of BDSM consisting of 2 (or more) concenting adults. Kitten play is a power exchanged relationship in which the Submissive goes into the headspace of a kitten. It can be both sexual and non sexual and each dynamic is different.

In its most basic form, kitten play is a form of role-play in which one or more participants take on the role of a real or imaginary species of feline. This can be as little or as much as the participants desire, and can include the mannerisms, behavior, and look of said animal. If one or more of the participants does not take the role of an animal, they can choose to take part by playing the role of trainer, Owner, etc. Participants can experience an altered state of mind, usually referred to as sub- or pet- space, letting go of human worries and returning to baser instincts, allowing for full immersion in the present.


A selection of kitten play Definitions:


In kitten play, a person dresses to resemble and assumes the mannerisms and character of a kitten or cat, a characteristic of which is that it keeps some independence and, as part of the fantasy, might retaliate against the partner trying to tame/train him or her. Some might be trained to do tricks such as bring toys back, to beg, or go on walks. Like in puppy play, a kitten or cat that is unowned or uncollared may be called a “stray.” (Source:


Kitty play, more commonly known as kitten play, is a form of pet play in which the person playing the animal is feline. Big cats, house cats, and kittens all fall under the umbrella. Not all those who identify as feline adapt BDSM into their pet play, but many who experience pet play do. (Source:

Aylis Blogpost: 

Kitten play is, in its most basic form, the act of roleplaying as a kitten. This is a subsection of petplay (roleplaying as a pet), which is its own subsection of the DS (Dominance/submission) part of the BDSM acronym. But what does that mean? Like many roles within the diverse world of BDSM, kitten play has almost as many expressions as there are people that indulge in it. (Source: Kitten Play 101: What is kitten play?)

TLDR: So what is kitten play?

  • subclass of pet play or animal roleplay
  • It is found in BDSM context
  • meow 🙂