Kitten Styles #14 – Virgin Killer

Kitten Fashion Styles – From the community for the community!

As it’s getting colder while we’re in September and ultimately starting the autumn season, Faehe introduces a new warm set!

“For this set, I’ve added a headband with roses around the neck of the well known virgin killer sweater to give it a little romantic touch. All together with my very first set (ears & tail) I got way back from Kittensplaypen.

All this photos where self shot with a camera on a camera stand and myself using a remote to activate the camera. I used my teddy to work at the camera settings and was just laying on the carpet of my dad’s living room. (He’s got huge windows and I worked with natural light.) So I am sure everyone could do this with a little time, practice, creativity and patience. :3″

Shot by herself – more can be found on Schattenfaehes Instagram.

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