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Introducing our new Team Member: Anne

Hello everyone,

my name is Anne. I have been into bdsm for quite a few years now. I find the community so beautiful and full of love, especially the Pet Play community. Soon after joining this site I was asked to become a part of the team and write articles, I am more than happy to say I will be making quite a few and seeing as I have a passion for writing I will be more than happy to make them great as can be! This website is seriously a dream come true as I have spent years trying to find more Kitten Play communities. I have had several owners in the past but as a stray Kitty I am trying to focus on my health and happiness.

Feeling cute!

Inside my bdsm, I usually take the role of being a 24/7 Kitten, I have only been able to do this with 3 people so far in the past but every time I loved having that dynamic as I am someone who loves to have help with structure and schedules. Those can be a bit overwhelming at times so having someone to help me get up at appropriate times and sleep at them as well was a huge help along with these owners helped me focus on my health as well and helped me learn how to better myself. I always see Pet Play and Owners as cheerleaders and coaches, I had amazing coaches and still remember all they’ve done for me. They’ve helped me become the Kitty I am today and one that takes care of herself more than in the past. I’m a stray again but I hope to find another wonderful Owner again because I loved to be that supportive cheerleader for them as well and help them get out of bed when they had a bad day, It was a mutual 50/50 supportive compassionate dynamic.

Outside bdsm I am a huge geek, I love mythology, video games and horror movies. I adore ghost stories and read way too many goosebumps novels. I love cultures from all over the world and adore different points of view. I think learning about other cultures and respecting them is a very important thing as different people can teach you new and exciting things. I love learning in general and totally geek out when someone brings up cryptozoology or mythology.

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