aftercare kitten


Aftercare is an important theme in BDSM – related content.

But what is Aftercare?

Aftercare is doing whatever you need to „come back to reality“  after practicing bdsm. It is an important time to calm down. Sometimes bdsm experience include a lot of feelings – sometimes adrenaline too. So that is the part where everybody involved can calm down.

Not every session needs aftercare. But sometimes you can have a kind of „dropped“ feeling after a session. That’s where aftercare should take place.

It strongly depends on the person and the feelings you experience. So in the end aftercare is a really personal theme and everybody has to find out what works for them best.

Note! Aftercare is not only for the submissive person, it can also be a need of the dominant person.

Aftercare after Kittenplay

Sometimes some aftercare routines can be a good way to get yourself out of kittenspace. That can be some simple cuddling or drinking a cup of tea.  But sometimes people need more – as an example after a long time on the ground on your knees or some kind of spanking. There, you can put on some lotion and put yourself in cozy blankets laying on the bed. Take a warm shower or  bath. Just find something that feels relaxing for you. Other things that are a good go to is snacks because you want to keep your nutrition up, relaxing music and even naps can be a very big world of difference and a very healing process for the individuals involved.

Kittenplay as Aftercare

When you feel well in kitten play that can also be your option to calm down. There are several possibilities to calm down as a kitten. If it’s cuddling with your caregiver, or just laying in some cozy blankets and have some snacks. Pro tip, putting a blanket in a dryer for a few minutes can be a very comforting thing. Along with taking a nice hot bath or watching your favorite tv shows and or movies is also a great way to come back down from that high level of energy. In the end it depends on you and what will make you feel well. So if playing  with some feather toys  relax you – that’s also fine!

So all in all – Aftercare is important to calm down when your emotions got high during some  activities. It it not necessary after everything and it is also very personal. Just try out some different things and when you find something, put it in a little bag so that you can grab it every time you need it.

But do not try too put your caregiver in a bag, I heard they don’t appreciate that. 😉

I hope the article has given you some inspiration – one personal tip: For me,
🍫 chocolate is a thing that always works.