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Rashes In Kitten Play!

Are you someone with very sensitive skin? Great so am I! Don’t fret a thing! I have some advice!

As I’m sure many are aware there is lots of people allergic to things like peanuts, honey, latex and the list goes on and on.

But what do you do if you find yourself allergic to the PetPlay gear you have?

The safest option would be to throw away whatever is causing skin irritations.

No kitty wants an owwie let alone a burning one.

But then where does that leave you?

Here’s my advice on dealing with skin allergies.

Try to write down what you are or might be possibly allergic too and be careful but give yourself a test, I learned growing up testing for rashes is important to keep an eye on things and how your body reacts. Just gently touch your arm with something you might be allergic too and wait a few minutes, allergies are usually fast and happen right away. If a rash does occur then take off the material immediately.
(Usually signs of rashes are: red marks or hives / itching / burning sensations)

Run your arm under cool water to calm it down, if you fear you might be in danger keep medicine (anti-histamines) and an Epipen near by or even do it with a friend or someone you trust. Safety comes first even in researching your body so be safe!

Allergic to latex? don’t use latex gloves, latex based gear or latex condoms in sexual scenes.

There’s safer options like rubber gloves and polyurethane condoms. These are conmanly found in most drug stores and sex stores along with online condom selling stores.

“But what about my gear? I spent so much money / have such an attachment.” I hear you asking, I can empathize, I have had to throw out a lot and I wish I had someone to talk to during it.

If you love the way a certain thing looks, find something similar, sometimes you can find things even better and cheaper priced but not lacking in quality. While I know Amazon was under fire a lot recently it is still not a bad site to find things, Etsy is always the dream of many Pet Players. As always try and make sure the things you get are of good quality because they’ll be less likely to be at risk of a rash

“But what materials are likely to give me a rash?” I’m glad you asked! Latex is of course the big one I want to address but things like gold, silver, nickle, costume jewellery and things that make you sweat a lot or rub up against and chafe your skin are all a high risk of causing a rash to happen. Stainless steel is your friend, fake furs are your friend, fleece is your friend, they’re not usually high in allergens where as real fur animal tails and ears can cause allergies and rashes, not fun!

“Okay but what if I can’t find anything I like?” I have been there, I understand, that feeling sucks and makes you feel like you wasted your time, but if you keep looking I promise you will find things. Trust me there. I have found great things in the strangest places! So don’t give up! Your dream rash free gear is out there waiting for you to find it!

“What if I have a rash before a scene with my Dominant?” I hear ya, that can feel embarrassing but don’t fret, If you have a Dominant who cares about you they’re going to be supportive and either stop the scene entirely or continue with alterations to not agitate your rash, Remember the relationship between you and an Owner is 50/50 and a two way street, if you have a rash and decide to cancel plans, that is OK. Safety and health come first and your Owner may even be able to help nurse you back to healthy skin if you so choose to have them help.

“What if I don’t want their help or don’t have an owner?” No problem!

Here’s how to care for a rash all on your own!

First figure out what kind of rash do you have?

Is it itchy?


Bumps? (hives)

Or super red? / warm to touch (histamine signs)

If itchy, Aloe is lovely to apply as is taking cool baths with oatmeal products you know you’re okay to use and milk in baths can hep mellow your skin and make it softer. Calamine lotion is also a big help and famously known for helping children with chicken pocks!

Burning? Run cool water on the rash, not ice cold but cool luke warm water helps this a lot I find and try to be careful with clothes that may touch the effected area.

Bumps? Again, Aloe , Aloe , Aloe , that green plant is your friend if you have rashes and Calamine lotion will also help

Super red and warm? I call these heat rashes and I find cool water, cool baths and milk baths help calm it down a lot.

Anti-histamines are also normally going to help any type of rash but if you find a rash isn’t going away at home, be sure to get seen by a Doctor for better advice/medicine if you so need