Kitten Styles #9 – Electric Rock

Kitten Fashion Styles – From the community for the community!

Everyone can be a Rockstar. Faehe uses her Guitar as a prop to match Kitten styled gadgets with a Goth-Rock style for us:

“Most of this is offbrand and brought over time. I got the fishnet top at Ebay, brought the dress in my local goth store, got the collar at a punk shop in Vienna and the shoes are from the Lolita Wardrobe Shop. I wore those Axent Wear headphones for years outside and I will definitely start that again soon.

Again, a nude pantyhose underneath is a perfect trick against chafing and it also hides cellulite, if you’re worried about that.”

Shot by Chiyography – more can be found on Schattenfaehes Instagram.

You got your own style and want to share it with the world? Reach out to our team here, send us your style with a few pictures and become a trendsetter in the Kitten play Community!

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