Kitten Styles #10 – Lavender Seifuku

Kitten Fashion Styles – From the community for the community!

Let’s get out with Kalina Layla again and bring back our best school memories, donning this cute japanese style school uniform!

What is a better mix for a purple School Girl Uniform, then thigh high black stockings, twin tails and of course cute purple ears and an extreme floofy white tail?

Kalina also shows, that you can make it look like it’s warm in every weather. “This one specifically was done in cold wind and I had to try so hard not to show that I was cold.”, she says. So don’t wait for the summer to take your own summery pictures. Just make sure you have a jacket or something else to warm up near you!

Shot by Agentsakur9 – more can be found on Kalinas Instagram.

You got your own style and want to share it with the world? Reach out to our team here, send us your style with a few pictures and become a trendsetter in the Kitten play Community!

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