Kitten Styles #7 – Derby Kitten

Kitten Fashion Styles – From the community for the community!

This time, a wilder kitten get’s added to our styles. Faehe let’s her inner feral out with her rollerderby look.

“Always wear your helmet and enough protection while skating! I only took mine off for still shots – skate safely kittens! And make sure you’re used to your skates and not alone while shooting on them.
Fashion tape is also a secret helper you should never forget with short shirts like this.
In a game, the headphones and the belt would be left at the bank. Apart from that, I made and printed the shirt myself and I shot this within the time period where I was still training with my local derby team. :3 “

The Axent Wear headphones allow you to show your inner kitten with the help of a fancy accessory outside.

Shot by Chiyography – more can be found on Schattenfaehes Instagram.

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