Kitten Styles #8 – Casual Stars

Kitten Fashion Styles – From the community for the community!

It’s time for a more casual look again and Faehe has a Kitten-friendly solution for those days, where you’re not too sure how the weather will be.

“I love thigh high socks. If you want to prevent chafing, you can also wear a nude pantyhose underneath. Also, those socks really are one of my favorites since it’s also especially hard to find some for thicc legs.
Accessories like the small colorful star armband are also a good extra with every outfit. And I think a cute starry choker (which can very well count as a collar, if you feel like it) would’ve been also a good addition to it.”

Ears & Tail are an older model from Kittensplaypen, the socks and garters are from Sockdreams.

Shot by Stöckchen – more can be found on Schattenfaehes Instagram.

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