Can I be “Blank” and still be a Kitten?


The answer is yes, but you probably want a more detailed answer so let’s go over some things I’ve been asked before or heard before from others in the past.

“Can I be overweight and be a Kitten?” Yes, weight has nothing to do with being a Pet and some people even find overweight people more attractive the curvier they are.

“Can I be tall and be a Pet/Submissive?” Yes, I dealt with this but didn’t know until I heard someone ask about it, they were so confused that I was really tall for a girl and Submissive. You can be any height and size and be a kitty, being a Pet is all about mindsets and the relationships of intimacy you have with another, not even just sexual things but everything, the closeness, the honesty, the safety, etc.

“What if my Dominant is shorter than me?” And? Short Dominant people are not at all lacking in knowing how to keep kitties in line and can act very very tall even more than a lot of tall people.

“Can I be a boy and be a Kitten?” YES! you can be any gender and be a Kitten. It isn’t only for one type of gender nor one type of person.

“Can I be tall and girly in Kitten Space?” Yes, whether you’re girly, Gothic or sexy and can’t be stopped. Be yourself. Owners will always rather you be yourself because that’s the Kitty they love and adore.

“Can I be manly and be a Kitten?” Yes, there’s tons of manly men who are very Submissive and couldn’t be happier to wear Kitten gear!

“Can I be a Kitten without gear?” YES! It’s all about mindset, not everyone has gear and some don’t even want gear and that is A okay. It’s all about the mindset and personality you bring to it!

“Can I not like cat toys and still be a Kitten?” Yes, plenty of ways to be a Kitten and no one way is a one size fits all, find out what fits you well and do that to your heart’s content.

“Do I have to be on all fours at all times?” That depends on who owns you, some Owners demand that cause they find it erotic and hot, some don’t care either way, some only demand it if you’re being a bad Kitty. It really comes down to person to person and is very much something you can negotiate with an Owner.

“Do I have to have a leash?” In the past I heard some Kittens felt weirded out by a leash as they felt that was more for Puppy Players and not Kittens, these days so many have leashes and I would say do what makes you happy, weather you’re a little Kitty or a big Panther if you want one go for it, if not no one is forcing it upon you and you should express your feelings to any Owner you have about the things you do and don’t want. Owners are usually very caring and wanna do their best to help you feel comfortable and happy.

“Can I be LGBTQ+ and be a Kitten?” Yes, no matter where you fall on the spectrum you can be a Kitten!

“Can I have blank Disorder/Disability and still be a Kitten?” Yes, my advice would just be to tailor your pet play spaces and activities to things and activities that are easier for you and that will make things more enjoyable! Always make sure you can be comfortable and safe!

“Can I have multiple Pet/Sub spaces and still be a Kitten?” Yes, many people find they have a few or more different Pet and Sub spaces whether that’s brought out through emotions, events, times of the year, you can still be a Kitten when you want to be one!

The point I want to drive home with this article is to highlight you can be a Kitten no matter what!