Animal roleplay

The simplest definition about animal roleplay or  animalism (please don’t confuse with bestiality: real animals are not involved)[1]. It is based in one of the BDSM practices most common wich is the roleplay. Has a part of the kink scene the most important thing through is the power exchange relationships aspects between the participants.

Here the D/s base the dynamic in the adoption of an animal personality, taken usually by the submissive who is to be trained and treated like an animal, for many others it serves as a release of the primal animal part of them. Also it’s a term used for a submissive who enjoys dressing like an animal and takes on certain characteristics of such animal. In both cases implies the protocol of the D/s roles.

Of course this is not intended to be definitive or limiting. The idea is finally to explain the basis for those exploring this dynamic as a starting point for their trial and like any other BDSM practices found your limits and set the standards for enjoy each sesion.

Pet play

So the pet play is an animal roleplay which involves the adopting roles as animals that are domesticated pets, for this is common (but not to the exclusion of such), for pet players to be younger versions of the chosen animal. It is therefore wise to avoid insisting on absolute or clear delineations at the the previous explanation of Animal roleplay.  Not all types of animal roleplay are pet play, and vice versa.

In the pet play, the submissive actually mimics the animal of her/his choice and the Dominant (although in the slang of pet play is more common to use Owner) is the one in charge of training the pet in all aspects, this is the starting point for the establishment of rules in the relationship of Owner/pet:

  1. About the human interaction with some characteristics of the animal,that can evolve to completely depend on the Owner in things such as food, resting place and in the case of us the kittens with the litterbox.
  2. The gear
  3. The protocol (BDSM+pet training)
  4. The sexual stuff

But as always this is only a part. Remember that the most important thing of all is the communication with your respective Owner / pet so both parties enjoy your space of petplay Safe, Sane and Consensual[2].

Keep you sexy kittens!!! Nyaaaa