Introducing our new Team Member: Ayli Katt

The kitten-play family is growing!!! We’re thrilled to announce we’re working with a new team member: Ayli Katt! Now we let introduce herself to all of you:


Hello everyone! My name is Ayli Katt, and I’ve recently been accepted as a mentor!

So, who the heck am I?

I live the kitten lifestyle 24/7 with my dom/owner/fiance, Cy Storm. At the time of this writing, I’ve got about a decade’s worth of experience being in this awesome community, and I’m looking forward to several more! I’m a full time fetish model and owner of Kitty’s Kuriosities, a website dedicated to celebrating the kitten play lifestyle through softcore erotic content. I’m a former model, and also have significant experience with power exchange dynamics, BDSM scenes and activities, and many other aspects of the fetish and kink communities.

Community is very important to me. I believe strongly in nurturing a supportive and encouraging subculture. I want to make sure every kitten feels empowered to find their own path, their own meaning, and their own expression. Kitten play is a very personal journey and I hope to help create a safe space for growth and exploration!

In my private life, I’m a total dork and a playful brat. I enjoy binge watching anime, reading smutty fantasy novels, and tabletop RPGs. I co-own a game store called Legion Of Fantasy (complete with sassy catgirl mascot), where I manage our RPG section. I’m okay at Magic the Gathering and absolutely terrible at video games. I live with 4 cats, 3 dogs, and 9 rats. I love studying animal behavior and genetics, and I’m a retired dog trainer and rat breeder. I’ve also got experience working with wildlife and, of course, cats! I’m a bubbly introvert, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all! Feel free to ask me anything!

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