Introducing our new Team Member: Schattenfæhe

Hello everyone!

It’s time to announce the addition of a new member of our team, to attend to our growing site and community: Schattenfæhe

“Hello, I’m Faehe and I’m happy to help with any problems that might arise and will be the second Community Manager backing up Celeste! :3

I’m a german Kitten born in 91, living a full-time kitten life, while being a media/graphic designer. I’m happily married, poly-amorous and quite open and neutral about kinks and sexuality. I’m more or less open about being a Kitten since around 2015 and by now, incorporate it into my daily life via smaller accessories and a smoothly running 24/7 Kitten/Master dynamic.

Apart from that, I’ve got way too many hobbies, like gaming(incl. board- and card-games), cosplaying, modeling(and Photography) and also more common ones like reading. I also used to be in my local Rollerderby-Team for a while, but had to retreat for health reasons. I love teamwork, Catgirls, watching Anime and Roleplaying(the good old tabletop kind). My favorite land is Iceland.

I hope I’ll be able to get to know a real lot of fun and interesting Kittens and I’d love to help with all sorts of things. I can seem a bit weird, because I tend to be an outgoing stormy introvert(sounds contradicting? it is!), but if you ever need an open ear, no matter if its in English, Dutch or German, I’d be happy to read and listen.”

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