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    Im feral and with a strong character, agile and independent.I identify myself as a jaguar.And also because when i was just 12 years old i did some tribal ceremony (my parents are hippies,just dont ask please xD) and discovered that my inner beast is a jaguar.Anyway i cant identify myself as a cutie sweet domestic kitten, im too wild to be sweet :/
    You can see me wearing any kind of colour cat gear,because i love to change how my cat image looks, and also because i make like the 75% of my gear ^^
    Im collared and owned,i have the luck of live kitten play 24/7 ,and He accept me as the feral animal i am, He knows that im not a submissive pet and that sometimes i scrat,i bite or i dont gonna do what he ordered me.But He loves that, maybe have a feral pet is fun >.<