Kitten Play 101: What is kitten play?

Kitten play is, in its most basic form, the act of roleplaying as a kitten. This is a subsection of petplay (roleplaying as a pet), which is its own subsection of the DS (Dominance/submission) part of the BDSM acronym. But what does that mean? Like many roles within the diverse world of BDSM, kitten play has almost as many expressions as there are people that indulge in it. Covering everything will be beyond the scope of this blog, but I’ll do my best to discuss the basics.


What It’s Not


Kitten play is not related to the furry fandom, though there is certainly crossover between the two worlds. The furry fandom revolves around anthropomorphic animals and individuals often create a fursona, or animal persona, that they use to represent themselves within the community. Some furries are into BDSM and some are not. Kitten play only exists within a BDSM context. The two cultures have different norms, language, and aesthetics.


Kitten play is not bestiality. The attraction to kitten play revolves around a specific dynamic and relationship style. Any pet based dynamic is about a power exchange between consenting adults. Ears and tail are added for aesthetic and to signal the role of the wearer and does not represent attraction to real animals. Bestiality is unwelcome within the BDSM community, as it does not meet the guidelines of SSC (safe, sane, consensual) or RACK (risk-aware consensual kink).


Kitten play is not therianthropy, though this is another area with some crossover. A therian has a spiritual connection to an animal, even to the point of viewing themselves as having the soul of that animal. Kitten play is exactly that – play. It has no inherent spiritual meaning, though a therian may certainly find themselves drawn towards this aspect of BDSM as part of their spiritual expression.


Kitten play is not inherently sexual. This can be confusing for those new to BDSM. Sex and BDSM certainly get along very well, but BDSM activities do not require sex. BDSM is about power exchange. Some kittens will mix sex with their play and some will not.


What It Is


The most common expression of kitten play revolves around a dominant Owner and a submissive kitten. It is the Owner’s job to care for and train their kitten and the kitten’s job to obey and please their owner. Kittens are often (though not always) more spoiled and bratty than other submissive types. They tend to be playful, mischievous, and provocative. Kitten owners should have patience and a good sense of humor!


There are varying degrees of intensity within kitten play. For some, it is an occasional game to spice things up. For others, it is a 24/7 lifestyle. Some kittens wear cat ears and get a little feisty during sex. Other kittens will crawl, utilize speech restrictions, and eat out of a pet bowl. Kitten play exists on a spectrum, and there are so many ways to explore!


While we’re here, let’s talk about kitten space! This is the term we use for a kitten that is in their kitten play headspace. This is a very vulnerable place to be, as kittens tend to be more in tune with their id. They are more primal. More instinctive. And that means they can be more sensitive, more emotional, and more open. Sharing that space with an Owner is a very intimate thing. It can be therapeutic and stress relieving. While some 24/7 kittens will maintain an aspect of kitten space in their day to day lives, deep kitten space is not meant to be maintained indefinitely. Kitten space most often occurs naturally during active play.


There are many different ways to play with a kitten. When in doubt, start with the basics: feed the kitty, pet the kitty, groom the kitty, pounce. Feed the kitty out of a pet bowl or hand feed them treats in exchange for tricks. Pet and cuddle the kitty while you watch a movie. Run a brush gently through the kitty’s hair. Get out the laser pointer, a ball with a bell inside, or a wand toy for a game of pounce. All of these activities can help reinforce a kitten’s role.




Remember how I said earlier that kitten play has almost as many expressions as there are people that indulge in it? Well let’s talk about some of that. While the above section talked a lot about common kitten play expression, there is no rule book. No One True Way. And everyone’s journey and experience is bound to be different.


Some kittens, for example, might be switches or dominants. Though kittens are traditionally submissive, how often do you hear that humans are owned by their cats? Or that cats remember being worshipped as gods (and act like it)? Yep. In some dynamics, the kitten is the one calling the shots, and their human is submissive!


Some kittens don’t want an owner at all. Not everyone interested in power exchange is looking for a full time relationship. Some kittens are more interested in casual play partners than submitting to an official Owner. I call these cats ferals. This is to contrast with a stray, who is an unowned kitten looking to be owned, and a foster, which is a term I made up to reference a stray that is currently being trained or considered.


Kitten play culture can be so diverse! At the end of it all, the most important aspect of kitten play is identity. Anyone that identifies with the lifestyle, whether as an occasional indulgence or a 24/7 commitment, should feel empowered to find their own path and their own meaning. After all, even the furry friends that we draw inspiration from come in so many shapes, colors, and personalities!


Also see our page: What is kitten play? to see how other members of the community define kitten play.

Gear Review: Top Cat Tails

Ordering the Top Cat Tails Surprise Kitten Set

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Although it’s a mystery set, there are a few options for customization. I thought this was very cool because buying mystery items always comes with the risk of wasted money on a product that doesn’t fit you. The customization this product offers helps to minimize, if not completely eradicate, that risk. The downside is that I am so indecisive!


  • For a few extra dollars, you can add a tail tip. I love tipped tails!
  • You also have two different ear styles to choose from. There is no information showing or describing the difference between Ear Style A and Ear Style B, but from looking at other products I found that Style B is fluffier. I decided to go with A even though I usually prefer longer fur because it looked more realistic to me in the images.
  • You can choose from Natural, Pastel, and Bright styles. Again, there is no picture or description to show the difference between the three styles, but I feel this one is pretty self explanatory. The shop does have two fur charts if you’d like to check out their collection. One chart shows their Realistic Faux Fur and the other shows off their Pastels and Bright options. Note that the mystery set will come in long pile luxury fur, regardless of your style selection, according to the product description. I chose the Pastel style.
  • Purchasers are encouraged to let the shop know if there are colors you do NOT want your set to include within the purchase comment. I was a little bratty and offered a list of my favorite colors, because it’s easier for me to describe things I like versus things I don’t.
  • You can choose black or silver for your headband color in the purchase comment. If you do not specify, they will choose for you. I let mine be a surprise.
  • There are additional add ons you can request, including a princess chain, tail squeaker, bows, and studs. Some have a product listing that you purchase in addition to the product, while others require you to ask them directly in the purchase comment. It is not clear if those cost extra, but I tend to assume so. I did not request any add ons with my purchase.


Other features this product advertises include:


  • Rubber ends on the metal headbands, to prevent the headband from digging in. I’m always skeptical of this, so we’ll see how well it works!
  • Tails are lightly stuffed, for extra movement.
  • Discreet packaging. Items are in a waterproof bag, inside a box.
  • Product will be tracked and require a signature, for added security and peace of mind.


Let’s go! I am super stoked!


1 Edited



The product is labeled as ready to ship in 1 to 2 weeks from the UK. The charge was $18.30, which I was not thrilled about. I don’t blame the seller for that though. International shipping is always rough.

My product shipped exactly on the 2 week mark. I received it 9 days later, which was earlier than I expected! Though tracking and signing were advertised, the “Track Package” button that usually pops up on my Etsy orders never appeared, and I was not required to sign. Still, I was very pleased by the quick arrival!





Okay. I should have done a video of this, but I was too excited. The package arrived in a plain box labeled for customs as “costume accessories”. There was a tracking label, so I assume tracking information could have been provided if I had contacted the seller directly, but it honestly wasn’t that important to me.

Inside the box was perfect! The ears and tail were inside of a pastel pink plastic bag, and then each was further wrapped in clear plastic with little white polka dots. It looked very professional! The bottom of the box was lined in orange tissue paper. In addition to my items, the box contained my order receipt, a business card, a magnet business card, a small thank you card with a handwritten message, some stickers, a notice of various product warnings (small parts, keep away from fire, etc), and a mini goody bag with candy, a few hair accessories, and some other tiny shiny things.

Some of their adorable graphics were stretched or squashed, so they could potentially benefit from working with a graphic designer, but overall I was impressed and delighted by the product packaging.




The Product

The set I received is pastel purple and blue and I freaking love it. It’s perfect!

The ears are wired onto a silver metal headband with removal rubber tips. The tips keep the metal from digging in, but the headband itself is on the small side and may cause discomfort long term if you’re sensitive to that (I am). The ears can be bent and posed and they are able to slide up and down on the headband. Despite this, they stay firmly in place. They do not feel loose or fragile. There are a few stitching imperfections and rough areas, but they aren’t easily noticed, especially when you’re wearing them. They look fantastic, and are easily my new favorite ears.

The tail is a little stiffer than I was expecting based on the description, but the fur is incredibly soft and luxurious. I’m pretty sure it’s the softest tail I own. It came with a sewn in loop and matching blue ribbon as well as a large safety pin. The loop is not elastic, so I can’t fit it onto the belt I usually wear, but that’s okay. I can tie it on with the ribbon (and make a big dramatic bow!), or loop it onto my other belt. The safety pin has a red end, so I probably won’t use it, but I like that it came with the option. The transition between the purple fur and the blue tip is flawless.

Ultimately, the set looks and feels great. It arrived quickly and was packaged well. The items were everything I was led to expect from the product page, and I have a new favorite kitten set! Thanks a bunch, Top Cat Tails!



Introducing our new Team Member: Ayli Katt

The kitten-play family is growing!!! We’re thrilled to announce we’re working with a new team member: Ayli Katt! Now we let introduce herself to all of you:


Hello everyone! My name is Ayli Katt, and I’ve recently been accepted as a mentor!

So, who the heck am I?

I live the kitten lifestyle 24/7 with my dom/owner/fiance, Cy Storm. At the time of this writing, I’ve got about a decade’s worth of experience being in this awesome community, and I’m looking forward to several more! I’m a full time fetish model and owner of Kitty’s Kuriosities, a website dedicated to celebrating the kitten play lifestyle through softcore erotic content. I’m a former model, and also have significant experience with power exchange dynamics, BDSM scenes and activities, and many other aspects of the fetish and kink communities.

Community is very important to me. I believe strongly in nurturing a supportive and encouraging subculture. I want to make sure every kitten feels empowered to find their own path, their own meaning, and their own expression. Kitten play is a very personal journey and I hope to help create a safe space for growth and exploration!

In my private life, I’m a total dork and a playful brat. I enjoy binge watching anime, reading smutty fantasy novels, and tabletop RPGs. I co-own a game store called Legion Of Fantasy (complete with sassy catgirl mascot), where I manage our RPG section. I’m okay at Magic the Gathering and absolutely terrible at video games. I live with 4 cats, 3 dogs, and 9 rats. I love studying animal behavior and genetics, and I’m a retired dog trainer and rat breeder. I’ve also got experience working with wildlife and, of course, cats! I’m a bubbly introvert, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all! Feel free to ask me anything!

Animal roleplay

The simplest definition about animal roleplay or  animalism (please don’t confuse with bestiality: real animals are not involved)[1]. It is based in one of the BDSM practices most common wich is the roleplay. Has a part of the kink scene the most important thing through is the power exchange relationships aspects between the participants.

Here the D/s base the dynamic in the adoption of an animal personality, taken usually by the submissive who is to be trained and treated like an animal, for many others it serves as a release of the primal animal part of them. Also it’s a term used for a submissive who enjoys dressing like an animal and takes on certain characteristics of such animal. In both cases implies the protocol of the D/s roles.

Of course this is not intended to be definitive or limiting. The idea is finally to explain the basis for those exploring this dynamic as a starting point for their trial and like any other BDSM practices found your limits and set the standards for enjoy each sesion.

Pet play

So the pet play is an animal roleplay which involves the adopting roles as animals that are domesticated pets, for this is common (but not to the exclusion of such), for pet players to be younger versions of the chosen animal. It is therefore wise to avoid insisting on absolute or clear delineations at the the previous explanation of Animal roleplay.  Not all types of animal roleplay are pet play, and vice versa.

In the pet play, the submissive actually mimics the animal of her/his choice and the Dominant (although in the slang of pet play is more common to use Owner) is the one in charge of training the pet in all aspects, this is the starting point for the establishment of rules in the relationship of Owner/pet:

  1. About the human interaction with some characteristics of the animal,that can evolve to completely depend on the Owner in things such as food, resting place and in the case of us the kittens with the litterbox.
  2. The gear
  3. The protocol (BDSM+pet training)
  4. The sexual stuff

But as always this is only a part. Remember that the most important thing of all is the communication with your respective Owner / pet so both parties enjoy your space of petplay Safe, Sane and Consensual[2].

Keep you sexy kittens!!! Nyaaaa




Educational and scientific information

I am particularly a person who loves to learn through books, scientific research both theoretical and practical question. But I also love to listen to the stories and find the particularities of these that lead each person to be the unique wonder they are.

So I want to lead this post not only as an open library to anyone who wants to get closer and know more about everything that involves BDSM and Petplay, but as a pretext to open dialogues about it that allow us to communicate as kittens and owners in a more informed way.

All the resources presented here are the property of their own authors. Diffusion through this medium is only informative and non-profit.



Tristan Taormino. The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge.

Dossie Easton. When Someone You Love Is Kinky

Interview with Interview with Dossie Easton

David Ortmann and Richard Sprott. Sexual Outsiders and here is a little taste of the content.



Shawn Miller. 23-BDSM

Yolanda Estes. BDSM_My_Apology

Jacqui Williams. Sadomasochism_to_BDSM Discourse Across Disciplines



BDSM Disclosure and Stigma Management Identifying Opportunities for Sex Education

International Resource for Educators, Researchers and Teraphists. ClinicalGuidelinesBDSM

BDSM: A Sexual Deviance Rather a Sexual Culture An Overview

J. Tuomas Harviainen. Sadomasochist Role-Playing as LiveAction Role-Playing: A Trait-Descriptive Analysis

Dan Demetriou. Ethics_of_BDSM_lecture_notes

         From the Journal of Sexual Medicine (free access):

  1. Is Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadomasochism Recreational Leisure?

         From the Journal of Sexual Medicine (pay):

  1. Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission & Sadomasochism
  2. Fifty Shades of Stigma: Exploring the Health Care Experiences of Kink-Oriented Patients
  3. Sexual Satisfaction and Distress in Sexual Functioning in a Sample of the BDSM Community: A Comparison Study Between BDSM and Non-BDSM Contexts
  4. De-Pathologization of Consensual BDSM
  5. Bodies and BDSM: Redefining Sex Through Kinky Erotics
  6. Psychological Characteristics of BDSM Practitioners

I would love that you share if some of you already knew some of these resources (yes there’s a lot to pay it for read… but I prefer the original source and have an idea of what does the scientific world are talking about), do know others that you believe necessary add? And after that, if you read some of this dorky stuff as if you think it was useful somehow.

Thank you kitten community and enjoy your day!!! -Nyaaaa

Introducing our new Community Manager: Celeste!

A few months ago, we put out the call for a new Community Manager to join our team (We are looking for a Community Manager). Now, we’re thrilled to announce we’re continuing 2018 with a new team member: Celeste! We’re beyond excited to have her on the team.

Celeste is a graphic designer with a lot of hobbies: comic books, anime, manga, video games, TCG and RPG.

We are so excited that she’s joined our team. Welcome, Celeste! Feel free to leave your own best wishes for Celeste in the comments below.

Become a mentor and make a positive impact in a kitten’s life!

When you were new to kittenplay, did you know how to talk to your partner how you feel? Do you remember wanting to wear your first collar or set of ears?

Simple things that may seem easy or straightforward to you now may be a complete mystery to a person new to kittenplay or petplay.


What types of volunteers are we looking for? 

– seeks mentors from all backgrounds, ages (21+), who can share their experiences in petplay / kittenplay.

– We are looking for volunteers to help teach our new kittens about kittenplay and petplay, someone who will help them thrive, and who will expose them to new experiences!

What makes a good mentor?

Before becoming a mentor, here are a few things to understand about the role of mentoring.

Most of us have had a teacher, supervisor, or coach who has been a mentor to us and made a positive difference in our lives. Those people wore many hats, acting as role models, cheerleaders and friends. Mentors assume these different roles during the course of a relationship, and share some basic qualities:

  • A sincere desire to be involved with another persons
  • Respect for young people
  • Active listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Ability to see solutions and opportunities
  • Flexibility

Who can mentor?

Women kittenplay or petplay communities from all over the world. We are looking for mentors who are interested in guiding our kittens in:

  • Modeling (ears, collars, tails, makeup, posing)

  • Relationships (petplay / BDSM dynamics, how to find a master, training)

  • Personal development adn the kitten play lifestyle in general

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please read the next section titled “What does a mentor do?” and then fill out the MENTORSHIP APPLICATION

What does a mentor do?

As a mentor, you will:

  • Commit to at least 10 hours of mentoring per month.

  • Create mentorship goals with the kittens

  • Complete regular weekly check-ins with the Mentorship Coordinator

  • Provide kitten- and petplay guidance to kittens

  • Let your kittens take the lead their learning and development

  • Help with problem-solving

What do Mentors gain from the mentorship program?

If you become a mentor, you can:

  • Gain access to new ideas and fresh perspectives

  • Achieve personal growth and learn more about yourself

  • Enhance your ability to coach and develop other peers

  • Network with other kittens who share your desire to help others

  • Gain additional visibility and respect within the community

  • Gain a sense of accomplishment and personal validation

  • Have fun 🙂

  • All of our mentors can be identified with the Mentor badge:


After the probation period you will receive a kitten necklace for your efforts:

kittenplay cat necklace kittenplay cat necklace kittenplay cat necklace

Join our kitten play community!

Join our kitten play community for free and make new friends!


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Join us now!



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