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Wittle kitten

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Actually people just call me kitty

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Favorite kittenspace activity?

Hi, I haven’t been into  Kitten play long so there’s not much to say I want to try lots of things Like;

playing with A ball of yarn  🧶, drinking milk out a bowl enjoying pets i’ve been in the hypnosis community for a long time so when someone types “Pets”

I actually feel pets this way but I bet irl is nice too I am not the most knowledgeable kitty but with the right help and encouragement

I know I will be awesome  I have always been Submissive at heart and like to be directed in a kind manner  and controlled a little too  I heard that the owners are very good with kitties and knowing what’s best for them

As a pet kitty for me it’s  mice knowing that I  can be relatively carefree As long as I’m a good kit  and do as I’m told I would never let my Potential owner dawn

Favorite reward?

Love, pets , being called a good kitty , being played with

Favorite punishment?

I don’t have one yet but I’m sure will help I can find something kinky