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    Anne - "Is anyone still using this website, it looks abandoned and that saddens my heart, I know 2020 and most of 2021 might of been straining and exhausting to say the least, I want to write again for this place as the […]"View
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    Celeste - "how are you doing beautiful kittens????"View
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    serj - "now that the abomination of cats. has been released. what are you’re thoughts on this so-called movie?"View
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    Lady Macska - "🐾Thérians🐾 Un Thérian est une personne dont l’état, la perception et le ressenti de soi et du monde l’amènent à se considérer et s’identifier profondément en tant qu’animal (autre qu’homo sapiens), en dépit de […]"View
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    Alex - "Hello! Welcome to everyone. It’s great to meet you! I’ve been here a while so I’m bapyl to help with any questions you have!"View
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    teddy! 🧶 - "Just found the group-only activity feed! Is there a way to replace the old verification pics? I was thinking the pic would be privately verified and not posted in the group, and I wanna replace mine now since I […]"View
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